Celebrate the moments of our… zzzzz…

Seven o’clock in the morning is the “dead zone time.” Kiki has just left for work with Yuki, and Fae won’t be up for another two hours. So, it’s just me and the cat.

Sounds pretty idyllic, right? International Coffee “celebrate the moments of your life” kind of setting as the sun rises over our Portland (nee Endor) skyline of trees and trees. Get the laptop out, sit on the front porch, sip my organic espresso freshly pressed, and be all creative.

Yeah. Not so much.

After staying up until almost 3:00 AM with Yuki, then waking up at the awesome hour of 5:20 AM for another feeding/change, I get to make the decision: Should I stay awake and work on Fae’s home-school lesson plan for today while she’s still asleep, or should I crawl back into bed and catch a couple hours of sleep?

I’ll let you know after I wake up.


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About PDX Dad

Simple father from Portland, Oregon. International logistics by trade, economics by education, writer by passion.

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