Leave It To Ward…

It can be rather daunting – at least for me – to start a new project. Whether it’s a new blog (PDX Dad is my third blog), a new project at work, or a new project around the house. Procrastination isn’t so much the problem, it’s a need for instant gratification. I’m a day-dreamer. I want the project to be self-sustaining already. Screw the chaotically hard first part. You know, getting all the tools out, learning the rhythm, forgetting to back something up only to have your newest widget explode in your face and crash the database wiping out hours and days of work.

Yeah, I’d rather have all that prep and initial start-up work done. And the adulation.

Give me the instant gratification of the project already near completion. I’m a destination – not the journey – kind of guy. And I can’t be the only one. But being a destination kind of guy isn’t realistic when being a new parent.

At least we’re starting to see a more balanced view of men in families. Well, to the idea of male transitions in their lives. I’ll probably talk about the obnoxious portrayal of men in contemporary media as dimwitted dimwits in a later post.

Devolution of Dad by Brandon Jeffords

Devolution of Dad by Brandon Jeffords

Even someone like Ward Cleaver was a bachelor before he hooked up with June. Maybe he wasn’t the raver type of his day, but I’m sure he enjoyed all the hi-jinx and shenanigans he and his buddies perpetrated when younger. And then he was married. And then he was a father.

See, he didn’t graduate from high school with a diploma in his right hand; a wedding ring and Beaver’s report card in his left.

There had to have been a time when he didn’t know what was going on with infant Wally crying all hours of the night, of the grocery bill doubling, of June spending more time with the kids than him. No man is made so perfect as to play the role of Bachelor, then step flawlessly into the role of Father in one commercial break. I hope I’m right, anyways, because that’s what I tell myself when the parenting gig doesn’t go so smoothly.

Now if I could only get K to make a nice, hot meal for me.


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