Homeschool Science – Fives Senses – Portland Style

Fae and I took part of the school day today to explore downtown. We spent the morning on her Math unit assessment, and playing with her Phonics materials that just arrived today (only 3 weeks late). After, we set out for downtown to do our Science class on the “five senses.”

With camera in hand, and adventure in our hearts, we took to the streets of Portland. Our mission was to photojournal different things to represent the five senses. I created a scavenger hunt of sorts, a rather simple one. Fae seemed to enjoy herself, and was really into getting down and taking pictures.

All of the picture ideas are hers. Most of the actual holding of the camera was done by me, but the final composition of the pictures was Fae’s. Below the cut is the assignment, and the photos we took.

SIGHT: Find something that is…

  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Red

HEARING: Find something that makes a sound which is…

  • Loud in volume
  • Soft in volume
  • Low in pitch
  • High in pitch

SMELL: Find something that smells…

  • Good
  • Bad

TASTE: Find something that would taste…

  • Good
  • Bad
  • We originally tried Sweet, Salty, Sour, Bitter, but found it just a bit difficult without going to restaurants, or hitting the lunch crowd at Pioneer Courthouse Square.

TOUCH: Find something that feels…

  • Hard
  • Soft
  • Rough

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3 responses to “Homeschool Science – Fives Senses – Portland Style”

  1. Julie says :

    That sounds fun! I liked the idea of taking pictures – and I think Fae’s pictures are lovely.

  2. PDX Dad says :

    Thanks Julie. We’re finding that Fae’s a much more kinesthetic learner, so even the crafts involved with our curriculum just aren’t movement-based enough. This at least got her out of the house and in her element.

    Her pre-school was in the middle of downtown, so she’s been raised on good public transit and city-walks.

  3. Julie says :

    Hi PDXDad. I spotted these photo scavenger hunts at and thought Fae would really like them.
    best wishes, Julie.

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