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“This cereal is really crunchy, dad.”

I think Yuki laughs at my lack of sleep.

No, really. Like, she guffaws and everything.

That’s the only reason why, that I can think, for her to constantly keep me awake until 2:00am, then get up at 5:00am for another feeding. When the house gets up generally at 6:00am.

At least I haven’t accidentally fed cat litter to Fae yet for breakfast.

Yuki -- Not sleeping.

Yuki -- Not sleeping.


Yuki is Sick, Part 2

Yuki seemed like she was getting sick again last night. Her first bout of sickness passed about a week ago, but she still had some head congestion. Mix that with her reflux and pre-teething, and we’ve had a very moist baby the past week.

At least she’s not the only one sick. The whole fam got hit pretty bad the last few days — me being the last. Damn, I thought taking care of two kids was challenging enough; try throwing in lethargy, sniffling that startles Yuki awake, and being too weak to hold a 14 lb baby for long stretches.

Luckily, it’s been a rather uneventful week so far at the PDX Dad household.

That’s to change rather quickly.

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Random thought of the day

If babies smelled like bacon, I guarantee fathers would be all about taking care of the kids.

Bacon Baby! (No, not mine...)

Bacon Baby! (No, not mine...)

Chinese Infant Formula – One reason why we think “breast is best.”

I think it’s pretty horrible, what’s going on in China right now with infants becoming sick (and dying) from tainted formula.

More than 6,200 babies have been sickened by milk powder now found to be tainted with the chemical melamine, said Li Changjiang, China’s director of quarantine and inspection, up from about 1,200 on Tuesday.

More than 1,300 infants are hospitalized. The illnesses include malnutrition, kidney stones and acute renal failure.

Just a note: Don’t let the jingoist list of “tainted products from China” bias you. This has nothing to do with China, and everything to do with quality control standards by two individual company owners. Even Gerber had to recall its organic rice and oatmeal cereals last year.

Plus, the tainted formula isn’t even shipped to the U.S.

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Yuki is sick, part 1.

Yuki is in the middle of her first cold. Ever.

This is the first time she’s ever been sick in her whole life.

For the most part, she’s been handling it really well for a three-month-old. She smiles, laughs, and coos when we’re around her. Yuki just doesn’t sleep well, has problems breathing when she has a pacifier or is nursing, blows snot like you wouldn’t believe, and cries pretty hard for about 10 minutes before she passes out for the night. It’s been both not so bad, and terribly hard.

I wonder if it’s a telling sign of how her personality will be later on?

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