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Homeschool Science – Fives Senses – Portland Style

Fae and I took part of the school day today to explore downtown. We spent the morning on her Math unit assessment, and playing with her Phonics materials that just arrived today (only 3 weeks late). After, we set out for downtown to do our Science class on the “five senses.”

With camera in hand, and adventure in our hearts, we took to the streets of Portland. Our mission was to photojournal different things to represent the five senses. I created a scavenger hunt of sorts, a rather simple one. Fae seemed to enjoy herself, and was really into getting down and taking pictures.

All of the picture ideas are hers. Most of the actual holding of the camera was done by me, but the final composition of the pictures was Fae’s. Below the cut is the assignment, and the photos we took.

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Photo phun – Aspirators

Speaking of nostril suckers, here’s a pic for you all. Kiki likes to take artistic shots of every day objects – after all, who else is tired of seeing bland portrait shots of their family?

Art? Or snot sucker? You decide

Art? Or snot sucker? You decide