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Finnish School Tragedy, Questioning School Safety in America.

Yet another college student goes on a rampage, killing 10 people then himself. This time, the shooting is in Kauhajoki, Finland. Sadly, local police had already picked up the student, Matti Juhani Saari, for suspicious activity when he posted a rather violent video on YouTube of his target practice. I won’t post Saari’s video, but here’s a video of the BBC reporting the tragedy:

One of our biggest worries about Fae in public schools is the safety. We keep hearing about school shootings, first-graders with knives, third-grade gang-bangers, etc. Granted, statistically, there’s a greater change of being hurt within five miles of home in a car accident, but still, the seemingly nightly news reports of our “schools in crisis” cast a pall on the prospect of our little five-year-old being safe.

Kiki and I still greatly worry about Fae being exposed to all kinds of elements at such an early age. However, I’m not too concerned with school shootings.

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