It’s Fall. Or, Send in the Browns.

Today is the Fall Equinox, which means the first day of Autumn, which means Kiki is about to go insane.

It helps that the temperature is currently 51F, with a high of 61F, mostly cloudy with some raining this morning. Both Kiki and I much prefer fall over the summer. We’re just not warm-weather people, and Fae acts like she’ll melt in the sunshine. It’ll be interesting to see how Yuki handles her first Fall and Winter.

Fae at last year's pumpkin patch trip.

Fae at the pumpkin patch 2007.

Changing weather means changing decor in the house. (Supposedly, anyway. We still have some winter items up from last year.) Leaves, pumpkins, wicker stuff, with the colors pretty much stuck on oranges and reds and blacks and browns. Charlie Brown meets the Cleveland Browns.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I like it when Kiki redoes the decor. It’s just that every once in a while, I get these flashes of what it’ll be like 10-20-30 years down the road, when we own our own home, and the house is brimming with holiday stuff because Ms-Geeks-Out-At-Every-Holiday won’t get rid of “sentimental” decorations from decades past.

Still, it keeps her happy, makes the house look different (and better) when she changes things out, and it forces me to clean out the stairway closet.

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Follow The Shipping Box

Before becoming a stay-at-home-dad, I spent the last decade in the supply chain and logistics industry. I’ve worked as an export coordinator for a major supply chain solutions company, a freight forwarder for hazardous air cargo, and as an inbound logistics analyst for a global footwear company. Globalization, foreign affairs, politics, and all things international interest me.

BBCs The Box

BBC's "The Box"

That’s why I’m totally stoked about this project from the BBC. Quick synopsis:  BBC is running a news series on globalization. They’ve commissioned an export container to be painted red with their logo and website, and to be used in the general container pool. They give updates about where it’s at via GPS on the website, and ask for readers and viewers to take pictures / videos of the container if they see it. An interactive map shows its current location, and its previous path.

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“And I – I took the food less eaten…”

Our five-year-old, Fae, is either a really picky eater, or a contrarian (or, she might just be both). I mean, really, have you ever met a kid that didn’t like mashed potatoes?

“This is too spicy” for barbeque sauce.

“I don’t like rice” for any kind of rice, although not so much with cheesy rice.

“It’s too brown” when I serve roasted broccoli.

“I’m not eating burnt meat” when she sees the grill marks on chicken.

Etc. Etc. Etc.

Almost every night ends up being a battle with Fae to eat a good portion of her dinner. Often she’ll comply, or she’ll talk us into taking 2-3 “no thank you bites.” Sometimes she just flat out refuses. My hope is that Fae will learn to like different foods as she gets older and continues to be “forced” to try new things.

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Random thought of the day

If babies smelled like bacon, I guarantee fathers would be all about taking care of the kids.

Bacon Baby! (No, not mine...)

Bacon Baby! (No, not mine...)

Just a Thursday Morning

Typical Thursday at the PDX Dad residence:

Fae is flipping, twirling, dancing, running, hopping, banging, and otherwise just is burning some great energy while listening to different world music. She seems to especially like mariachi, sitar, and drums. Not so much the Americana, although she likes Dylan and Guthrie (you go alterna-girl!). I still don’t understand how she can flip around, retain the music, play with her doodlepad, and have a conversation with Imaginary Tod and Copper from watching Fox and the Hound last night.

“Oh, Fae, let’s not do the howling inside the house, Ok?”

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Chinese Infant Formula – One reason why we think “breast is best.”

I think it’s pretty horrible, what’s going on in China right now with infants becoming sick (and dying) from tainted formula.

More than 6,200 babies have been sickened by milk powder now found to be tainted with the chemical melamine, said Li Changjiang, China’s director of quarantine and inspection, up from about 1,200 on Tuesday.

More than 1,300 infants are hospitalized. The illnesses include malnutrition, kidney stones and acute renal failure.

Just a note: Don’t let the jingoist list of “tainted products from China” bias you. This has nothing to do with China, and everything to do with quality control standards by two individual company owners. Even Gerber had to recall its organic rice and oatmeal cereals last year.

Plus, the tainted formula isn’t even shipped to the U.S.

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Photo phun – Aspirators

Speaking of nostril suckers, here’s a pic for you all. Kiki likes to take artistic shots of every day objects – after all, who else is tired of seeing bland portrait shots of their family?

Art? Or snot sucker? You decide

Art? Or snot sucker? You decide